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CHAMPS [book]

$10.00 / On Sale

80+ pages of comics! featuring "Yikes" favorites Li'l Bloody, Pullapart Boy, Sweet Chubby Cheeks, Kid Medusa, Dead Boy, X-Ray Spence, Elzie Crisler + Li'l Tin Stars. Also starring Johnny Takagi and Tin Tin Deo! SO MANY CHARACTERS!!

What else do you want to know about this comic? I got an angry letter from a reader in Spain for including [a glamorous depiction of] a bullfighter. Of course, bullfighting is lame but I had been reading about Manolete and thought he seemed as cool as Dracula of Frankenstein. I have a draft somewhere of another 80 Page Giant called "Bullfighting in Los Angeles" that's ALL Tin Tin Deo ("the Tiny Torero") and -now that I think of it - it's actually pretty good (oh well)...

ANYWAY: $10/inscribed with drawing at no extra cost

CHECK OPTIONS: add another Fantagraphics "Yikes" book, WHITE FLOWER DAY, for ONLY $5 more!